Sister Session – ONLINE PREMIERE! from Simple Session on Vimeo.

girls in BMX
First being screened at the Bicycle Film Festival this past summer, the full ‘Sister Session’ short film is now available to view online. Documenting the women competing in the Simple Session BMX jam, the film is a behind the scenes look at women going big, crashing hard and pushing each other to rip it in a male dominated sport.

Women’s BMX is a small but tight and growing community, making their way to big competitions around the world. This documentary captures their first time at a major event like Simple Session.

“Sister Session” is selected to the program of Bicycle Film Festival 2012/13 and premiered in New York on Saturday June 30th. The film has been playing in Bicycle Film Festivals in 30 cities worldwide – Athens, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Chicago, Heerlen, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Milano, Moscow, New York, Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, St.Petersburg, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Vienna and elsewhere.

Directed by
Brett Astrid Võmma
Helen Habakuk
Doris Tääker
Produced by
Brett Astrid Võmma
Risto Kalmre
Girls riding
Katherine Diaz VEN
Chiara Felder GER
Rebecca Berg GER
Angie Marino USA
Zandile Mkwanazi GER
Allison López ARG
Saki Sawada JPN
Sam Moodie GBR
Camila Harambour CHI
Kayley Ashworth GBR
Edited by
Marion Koppel
Helen Habakuk
Camera by
Sten-Johan Lill
Heiko Sikka
Hendrik Mägar
Helen Takkin
Sound by
Kristjan Kurm
Jan Andresson
Color by
Heiko Sikka
Graphics by
Jan Viljus
Risto Kalmre
Additional filming by
Philip Kölsch
Alex Baret
Andrus Rebane
Allan Pill
Margus Talvik
Oliver Matkur
Mart Ratassepp
Martin Himbek
Thanks to
Mario Kalmre
Eiko Kink
Mihkel Soe
Sigrid Saag
Elisabeth Aare
Marek Poel
Helis Heiter & Hoov
Aimar Berg & Sfäär
Hendrik Saks
Bert Bachman
Special thanks to
All the riders
Brendt Barbur
Mart Habakuk
Yacht – Holy Roller
Rachel Goodrich – Light Bulb (ANR Remix)
Supported by
Alasti Kino, Rottfilm, Allfilm, Mollusk, Nafta