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RIDECORE is a clothing company based in Bandung, Indonesia, started as personal branding and online BMX magazine in 2009. Owned and operated by BMX rider.

Established with a desire to accompany BMX riders on their riding activity with fashion lifestyle since 2009. We want every BMX riders must have their own style. As our mission “Ride is Our Lifestyle” On riding life that never out of the style. Your riding fashion lifestyle must be prefer things beside the trick when you shredding the bike.

Ours product include up to toe needed. And we categorize it as HEADWEAR, TSHIRT, OUTERWEAR and another upper apparel, and then PANTS, BAGS, SOCKS, and miscellaneous accessories. All of ours product are fully designed and manufactured with properly good way and not on mass production. We are never producing goods in large quantities. We produce just over 40 pieces on every items. So ours product are limited and unrepeated.


Owned and operated by true BMX rider who compete and struggle in BMX years to years make the brand has trademark and famed well in BMX scene all around Indonesia and some south east Asia such a Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand it’s because of this brand promoted by rider in some huge BMX event also support some International BMX rider to introduce our brand worldwide.

And our products has been spreading at some distribution store in our home town, at several major cities, some cities are in some provinces in Indonesia such a Java, Borneo, and Jambi also in Malaysia, and we continue to increase the spreading and deployment to reach communities and customers in the another cities.

our company have some social media active to increase brand exprosure and broaden customer reach through our official website, as our vision are spreading to all BMX enthusiast all around the world.