We are a clothing company from Bandung Indonesia, founded in last year 2009 to present something different from other clothing brands, RIDECORE CO has supplied products with BMX lifestyle concept, providing a simple graphic but still cool in wearing, or show the grim image with elements of BMX and also cool to wear.
In addition to the influence of the dominant BMX, art and youth matters is essential for BMX LIFE STYLE like music, graphic design, photography, and cinematography, to support the activities of BMX.

and overall, it was to support the BMX scene, cause Indonesia BMX scene is the next big thing.

Respect and Stay Ride.


RIDECORE is a clothing brand from Bandung, born from the background BMX scene. Established in 2009 RIDECORE that starts from just a fad like to have a clothing brand in the BMX scene background, and then make a T-Shirt with the DIY way. and unpredictable behavior is sold out, and it was a good first step.

After a few months, thought to be seriously working on this brand, because at that time (2009) in Indonesia, there has been little serious clothing brand that supports the BMX scene, and RIDECORE even further improve product quality, to produce the standard of quality branded clothes which has been developed.

RIDECORE have a mission to support the activities of BMX in clothing, such as the tag line “RIDE IS OUR LIFE STYLE” means “BMX is a lifestyle” as BMX has a close relationship with other things like fashion, music, lifestyle and, Art.